Is there an iOS email client that will only send notifications at certain times?

My job involves being on call for my states legislative session, which starts next week. Is there an iOS email client that, instead of sending notifications for every email, can be configured to send notifications every few hours or at specific times with all the emails I’ve received?

Do you need to receive other notifications or could you just use do not disturb?

I’m assuming not, but worth checking! I’m otherwise not aware how any of the email apps having time based notifications.

@ChrisEdwards, won’t contacts marked as VIP still notify me even if I have do not disturb turned on?

Yeah, I still want other notifications.

Would the inbuilt one, set to connect only so often, not be sufficient? (Pull, rather than push)

In Outlook for iOS, you can set your work hours. If it is outside those work hours, it turns on a Do Not Disturb function just for Outlook. I only tried it for a short time, but maybe that would work. After you set up your account, you can tap on the home button in the upper left, then tap on the bell in the upper right. You should see the screen to set work times. Hopefully, this may work.


Oh, that’s interesting. I might have to look at that.

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Think I may have to move my work emails to Outlook then on my work phone. That looks dead handy.


Oh how I’ve missed phrases like this since moving from Manchester to Australia :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: