Is there any markdown keyboard for iPad?

I’m looking for a better way to write markdown in any iPad editor app, so I’m wondering if anyone recommends a markdown specific keyboard app.

There is one on the App Store called exactly Markdown Keyboard, but it seems to be abandoneware (last update 6y ago).

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I do not have a markdown specific keyboard app to recommend and am curious if there are others.

I saw that the developer has a website for that app at

I’d like to have functionality like this

You might want to consider TextExpander for iPadOS. It has a keyboard utility that works with dozens of iPad apps. You can grab a set of TextExpander snippets for Markdown from MacSparky


Not to say that there isn’t something out there, but a while back I did a deep dive for third party keyboards on iOS. I don’t recall finding many other Markdown specific keyboards along the way. If you wanted a hashtag keyboard, or colours and different fonts, it’d be a different story…

Textexpander, as recommended by @anon41602260, is a well recognised and powerful favourite for text expansion. I personally never could appreciate its aesthetics on iOS, however, and settled on LazyBoard instead (‎LazyBoard - Phrase Keyboard on the App Store). The iPad screenshots don’t do it justice. Far as I remember it’s a free download with a 3.99 pro upgrade fee (which may vary depending on your location)— correct me if I’m wrong on that; it’s been a while since I picked it up. It handles insertion of formatted dates, phrases with placeholders, and syncs across devices. Looks good (IMHO) across iOS devices— key size adjusts to the text, rather than using a uniform key size, which means that your snippets tile nicely, and it allows you to search within your keys with a live filter— useful if you plug a lot of phrases/keys in there. It’s pretty much the only third party offering other than default iOS keyboard that I have active, which makes switching between the two very practical. Might be worth taking a look at when you check Textexpander out.

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I grabbed Lazyboard – it’s still $3.99 for Pro, which enables cross-device sync. Much cheaper than TextExpander, though less functional.

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I have TypeIt4Me for iPadOS and probably I can adapt TextExpander snippets for Markdown to it. However I’m not sure it would improve my workflow that much.

But at least there might be some hope in the not so far future. At least re: markdown on DEVONthing To Go (perhaps a future keyboard markdown feature). Fingers crossed!

Try this one: Lucid Markdown Keyboard