Is there anyway to get the OmniFocus iOS app cheaper as a student?

I tried OmniFocus this week on the Mac with the free trial and absolutely love it. The student version isn’t bad at only $24. However, I can’t find any student discounts for the iOS version. Seems kind of strange that I can pay $24 for the Mac version but the iOS version will cost me $40.

The iOS version is the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger because I’m a broke college student and I need to have access on Mac and iOS. The software is phenomenal (and so glad it’s not a subscription) and definitely worth the money, I just can’t afford it. Good software is expensive.

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I’d recommend reaching out to Omnigroup. The guys there are very friendly and they will do all they can to help you out. Still if they couldn’t help it would be due to AppStore limitations.

The iOS App Store has more restrictions with sales. Unless someone were to gift you with a free iTunes card, there doesn’t seem to be much Omni can do.

But the iOS version is well worth every penny to me.

You ain’t that broke. :face_with_monocle:

But I commiserate with you. If you can’t afford that particular set of apps, I’m sure that given your needs as a student you can easily find other apps that are free-to-cheap. Google Tasks/Keep, or iStudiez Pro, or My Study Life, Todoist (free tier, or $15/year for Mac/iOS sync for edu customers) etc etc

If I were you, I’d choose the platform I worked on the most. If you use it mostly on the iPad or iPhone, choose the iOS edition first.

If you use your computer more, get the Mac edition first.

You can always get the other one later.

I liked the iOS edition because I can use it on both my iPhone and iPad. The iPad experience can get pretty close to the Mac experience when you add a bluetooth keyboard. The iPhone experience takes some getting used to because the small screen alters the user experience.

I didn’t consider using the iPad. I usually make my “to do list” on the computer and then use my phone as the day goes. I could use my iPad instead of laptop until I have some extra cash for the desktop version.

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