Is there no safe place? “Google Experimenting With Google Maps Popup Ads”

I hope that is the case. I’d hate to think even Google would add ads to a mapping program.

They have Waze for that.

At this point, I can’t imagine it not being true :confused:
Google walked away from “Don’t be evil.” a long time ago.

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I’m not sure having ads in a mapping application - as undesirable as they would be - constitutes evil.

And it seems the story isn’t true.

It appears that is the case, fortunately. I’m sure if any important Google employees frequent this forum, this thread should discourage them from considering adding ads to its map app. :rofl:

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I hope so! The company will push the boundaries as far as it can… so I sympathise with those looking for alternatives. I’ve had a gmail account almost since it began, but am considering moving my personal account to iCloud. Unauthorised AI training on other people’s data crosses my own personal boundaries. I hope Apple stay on the right side of the AI line.

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I have a Gmail account that I only use for junk email. If I’m required to give an email address, I give this one to any merchants, etc. If it is a merchant that I may wish to hear from, I create a filter that will forward the relevant emails to my “real“ email address.

I’ve done this for years and as result, I get relatively little spam. As soon as I do get any spam, I immediately mark it as junk. This is just a guess, but I probably only get about three spam emails in a seven day period.

And as a bonus you are feeding Google’s AI junk to help insure low quality!

I do the same. I give my address, and my Google Voice number, to merchants and utility companies, etc.

I can’t remember the last time I received spam in my Inbox but I’ve had to block a couple of addresses due to someone using my email address to sign up with a dog groomer. And someone else used it with a fast food app, but I just requested a password change then used his points to get a free chicken sandwich :yum:


I’m sorry, you lost me. :thinking:

Love that!! :sandwich:


Once is twice too many for me. Seriously I hate adverts which is why my browser (Firefox) is loaded up with adblocker extensions (Ghostery, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, FBPurity) plus my own aggressive internal browser pricavy rules. And on iOS/iPadOS use DuckDuckGo’s browser.


Presumably Google uses Gmail for its own nefarious (perhaps?) purposes, such as providing input data to its LLM AI models. By using Gmail for junk mail their LLM is poisoned by learning junk.

Got it. Thanks.

I didn’t say that specific behavior “constituted evil”. There’s a wealth of other information about their tactics and unethical business practices shows they walked away from that philosophy.