Is ZDNet Anti-Apple?

I may be imagining this (I’ve not attempted to quantify it) but my impression having read a lot of ZDNet articles over the years is that they tend to be anti-Apple. Now, this could be my bias as one fully and unapologetically embedded in the Apple ecosystem.

Your impressions of ZDNet’s articles on Apple?

My guess is that, like a lot of online publications, they’re not so much anti-anyone as pro-click. And I would guess Apple lovers and haters alike click on and share articles about unhappy Apple customers.


That is the voice of wisdom! :slight_smile:

This article doesn’t make me think ZDnet is anti-apple. When people get frustrated it’s not usual for them to consider changing to another product - or at least say that they would.

So I have no doubt that the article is accurate, especially when it states “wiping the phone and starting from scratch seems to be a pretty reliable fix”. I seldom fight a Mac or IOS problem for more than a day before I opt for that solution.

I agree with that. I did not intend to imply that this one article meant ZDNet was anti-Apple. I just seem to recall (intuitively) that ZDNet has a lot of negative press in aggregate, but again, that may be just my bias. :slight_smile:


I generally read ZDNet for their Microsoft coverage so you may be correct about their negative coverage.