ISO: Maestral-like app for Google Drive

Does anybody know of a lightweight Google Drive client for MacOS (intel and apple silicon)? I’m looking for something that is similar to

I’m using the official Drive for Desktop and it uses 5 GB of ram for the 3 GB of storage on drive and strains the old MBA that it’s on.

The app would mirror what’s in google drive. Mirroring is important because I want a local copy for offline-use and backup. Selective sync would be a nice-to-have. Multiple logins would also be nice-to-have.

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Ouch! Have you tried removing and reinstalling the software? Something isn’t right. I’m running the current version and only using around 300 mb for all the GD processes (drive, helper, gpu, renderer)

Good point let me try that tonight

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GD is consistently at 2GB+ memory for me and I have it sent to mirror files as well.

Are you using the files on demand / streaming feature by chance?

No, I’m syncing everything to an external drive. My MBA is basically a home server so I keep everything local so it can be backed up.