Issue with running shortcuts in iOS 14.4?

Hi, I seem to have an issue with running shortcuts on my iOS devices with iOS 14.4. When I try to run a shortcut from the share sheet, Siri widget or Siri suggestions it simply won’t run (nothing happens). This happens on my iPad as well as my iPhone. Running the same shortcut from the shortcuts app or a dedicated shortcut widget works just fine. The oddity continues as when I restart my devices running the shortcuts from share sheet, Siri suggestion or Siri widget works again fro some time and then stops again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Has anybody else encountered such behavior? Any ideas what may cause this and how to solve it? I’ll probably file a bug report at Apple and wait for 14.5 to hopefully fix this issue :smirk:.

I’m observing notable instability in Shortcuts. I am seeing frequent occurrences where the app just stops responding. Shortcuts won’t run. A reboot of my iPad resolves the issue for some period of time. I didn’t track exact onset of this problem, but your 14.4 assumption makes sense to me in terms of roughly when this began.

Sorry I can only offer a “me too” response. I have not found a solution — jay

No problem … I’m happy to know I don’t seem to be the only one with that issue :blush:. It’s pretty annoying at the moment but I ran out of ideas what to try and hope for 14.5…

Yes, same here. Yesterday I was trying to make a new shortcut and the Shortcuts app kept crashing on me. Also some Shortcuts I already have behave the same way. The only common thing between those Shortcuts I can think of is that they interact with the Health app.

Same. Shortcuts run from the share extension often need to be tapped more than once.

Wasn’t resolved in the first 14.5 beta for me; fingers crossed it gets resolved by general release. File your feedback!