Issues with Big Sur log in screen!

HI all,
Since the first update to Big Sur on my 2017 iMac my log-in screen as changed with the users off set to the left of the screen (see attached), once I click on either users they position to the centre of the screen and will move back if I select other user.

This may be a new features !, but I’m not sure can anyone confirm please?

If it not meant to be how I may be able to remove it!

Thank and stay safe


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I can confirm that this is the same on my 2020 Mac mini M1.

Edit after the screenshot was added: I think my user pictures are not quite as much to the left, but almost.

I don’t see your attachment, but both my Macs on Big Sur display all users in the centre after a restart. In the centre as well, after waking.

Sorry, my bad posted without the attachment, which I’ve now attached !
Hope this helps.

Never seen anything like that before. You might try SMC and NVRam reset, and a safe boot to see if it helps

Hi MaxxHouseMaid, They are the first things I tried and no change! :woozy_face:

Also tried adding A and Z accounts and rebooting and finally an OS reinstall still no change!