Issues with Bluetooth on 2013 MBP Retina

I’ve been having intermittent issues with my Bluetooth on my 2013 MBPR. I thought at first it might be my Logitech mouse but the Apple Magic Mouse and Keyboard won’t stay connected either. Sometimes it takes a reboot to get the Bluetooth working again. Other times it just takes me switching my Logitech Master to a unifying adapter for a few minutes and then back to Bluetooth. I’ve tried reaching out to Apple support but they don’t seem to care about my old Mac.

Few things I’ve tried:

  • deleting all of the Bluetooth files from the library so they would rebuild
  • rolling back an OS
  • upgrading to the latest OS
  • trying bata OS
  • using third-party Bluetooth adapter - this one didn’t really work at all

I’m having a similar problem on a Late-2013 15-inch.

The Magic Keyboard will be slow to respond, sometimes several seconds will go by while I’m typing and nothing will happen, then all the letters will come out at once, or most of them, (it’s like I have a butterfly keyboard experience without the new computer to go with it!), and sometimes it just doesn’t talk to the computer at all. I get the “Disconnected” or “Reconnected” overlay from time to time.

The Magic Trackpad 2 is doing the same thing - erratic, jumpy, pointer, sometimes unresponsive pointer, etc.

I usually use the computer clamshelled, and the problem seems to go away when the computer is unplugged or charging. If it’s plugged in and fully charged the problem occurs often. Sometimes it helps if I crack the lid a little.

This Apple Support article says it may be related to the Mac’s power adapter. Do you have a second power adapter to test with? If so, does it help the problem? If my problem keeps going tomorrow as bad as it was today I may buy a spare to try, although it seems silly to spend $100 on a power adapter for a Bluetooth problem.

Update: I bought a new power adapter and it didn’t help. This tweet suggests that we’re not the only people experiencing bluetooth problems.