Issues with Gmail in iOS

Among many others, I have a Gmail account set up on my iPad Pro. It’s a work email that I have created so I get a lot of mail on it actually.

But there is a strange issue, where new emails will go to the Archive in yet remain unread.

Then I can go to the Archive and move them to the Inbox, but then they go back to the Archive automatically.

Anybody has experience with how to fix this?

Does that happen with the Gmail web app as well?

It sounds to me like a rule/filter is acting on those messages, so that would either be on the Gmail side or via another service like Sanebox if that’s active. Mail on iOS doesn’t have any sort of rule capabilities that I’m aware of, so something must be happening further up the chain.

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As an iPad user only I don’t use the web interface. I strictly rely on the on iPad and iPhone.

I know that and gmail has a rocky relationship. I have not set up any rules in Gmail. It’s a completely new email account. So I think the fault lies with how handles Gmails folders.

Therefor I’m thinking someone else most have experienced this issue of emails weirdly showing up as unread in the Archive folder.

@marius idea is worth checking out. Since you are iPad only, use the Gmail app to troubleshoot. I keep both it and set up on my iPad & iPhone (because’s search is much better than

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So I should download the Gmail app and check if it has the same issue as

Is the archive folder for the account on the ipad set to the “all email” gmail folder?

(Settings-> accounts and passwords -> gmail -> advanced)

I’ve had a similar issue and setting that one again fixed it for me.

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This is what I see in Setting on my iPad. It’s in Danish. But maybe you can see what I need to change to make it work better.

Yes. IMO, if you see the same behavior in the Gmail app, then it is likely happening on the server. If not, the problem most likely is

You can run the Desktop gmail web interface in IOS Safari. It’s not great but it will allow you to check/edit your rules, etc.

Log into Gmail in Safari, then scroll to the bottom of your folder list and select Desktop.


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I need to run this account in reasons related to it being native iOS. But thanks!

And I agree there is something up with how handles Gmail. Because the problem is not existent in the Gmail app.

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Your settings seem ok,. (Alle mails = ok)

I have several gmail accounts running, and have not seen this issue yet.
What I would suggest is removing the account, and re-adding it.
Do it under a different name so it does not restore the previous cache!

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What do you mean by a different name exactly?

I heard about it on the mac geek gab, will see if I can find it for you

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