It is here! Re: update to Craft will drop early next week

According to Viktor, one of the developers in the Craft Slack channel:

They have already said they are working on tables. I hope tables are in this release but if not, at least I know they are coming! :slight_smile:


I hope for some upgrades to tasks related workflows :slight_smile:

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I really need tags. Please have tags.

Thanks for posting this. I really need to figure out this Slack thing.

I’m new to Slack, I only use it for the Craft channel. :grinning:

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I also thought I need tags. But I don’t :slight_smile: Too many tags are cumbersome and a good search with functional icons do the job for me.

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I am not usually huge on tags, but I have been doing daily entries, and I need a way to classify those. Back-linking works if I have a subject page, but I don’t always need/want that. I think tags would be the best way to do it.


Viktor is extremely responsive in the channel. I don’t know how he gets any real work done. It’s pretty amazing.


The lates update was just released!



Smart quotes!
(Sorry but that’s a major feature for me :sweat_smile:)

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