It Lives! The Shortcuts Field Guide is Available


Over 150 hours in the making …


God Bless you David for the work you do to help us all out. I appreciate it a lot.


Can’t wait to watch it.

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Purchased last night, but waiting until iOS13 to start it!

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I’m trying to decide whether to wait until iOS 13, or wait until iOS 13.1/iPadOS.

Maybe some of those who have been on the beta train can offer some insight as to whether it would be better to wait.

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, I’d wait until 13.1/iPadOS. There were issues with shortcuts and reminders when multiple devices didn’t move to iOS 13.

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If you mean “Should I upgrade to 13 or wait for 13.1?” I would recommend waiting for 13.1.

When I get my new iPhone, I’ll immediately put it on the 13.1 beta.

If you meant “Should I wait for iOS 13.1 before buying the Shortcuts Field Guide?” then the answer is No! Go ahead and buy it now. David explains the section which won’t work until 13.1, but you can get started on the rest now :slight_smile:

Mail was a disaster in early betas. Fixed now. Other than Mail being broken for several betas it was fine for me.

Supposedly 13.1 is coming out ahead of schedule

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Yep. They pulled it up to the 24th.


I purchased the previous Shortcuts Field Guide but have been able to watch only 11% so far. Now I’m torn whether I should buy the new edition… Feels like wasted money, but the old one is probably not very useful anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

You should have an email giving you an upgrade coupon code if you purchased the old version.

I realize that it’s hard to buy “the same thing” twice, but it really is different, and so I completely understand David charging for it again.

I’ve seen the new version, and it’s very good, and I think you’d be glad to have purchased it. I even think David is offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

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I bought the first and second, the second is great so far. And you get a discount.

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I’ve been watching the guide and found it super helpful. The “combine images” shortcut is amazing!

Going to hold off until 13.1 since that’s four days away but I’m watching videos that catch my eyes for now.

I too purchased the previous Siri Shortcuts FG, but upgraded to the iOS 13 version immediately. I am also awaiting the 24th (13.1, iPadOS) to do any device upgrades, to avoid bugs.

I have already watched the whole new Shortcuts FG (iOS 13), and it’s great. None of it is repeat, and it flows very well. Ditto what others have said.

One thing I believe deserves mentioning is the huge advantage of having the Shortcuts FG release with (and before, even) iOS 13 and iPadOS. What a herculean effort but such a boon for those interested in moving forward as fast as possible.

TY to MacSparky (David Sparky) for his insatiable curiosity, generosity of knowledge, and (presumably) sleep deprived perseverance!


Did you get the discount coupon, for previous purchase, by email? I’ve been looking around, but haven’t seen one…thanks…MIke

I got mine by email. I think it was sent out Wednesday night maybe, try reaching out to @MacSparky if you can’t find it.

Mine came at 6:30pm on 17 September, with the title “The Shortcuts Field Guide, iOS 13 Edition and Upgrade Code”.


Yes, I did use the upgrade coupon… days ago. I believe everyone would have received your coupon by now. I would reach out to MacSparky requesting a look-see/resend of upgrade coupon.

Gang, the very first email was an upgrade coupon for previous customers. I’ve received contact from a few folks who, for whatever reason, didn’t get it. If that’s you, please email me and I’ll get you setup.

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