It seems Notion has a future πŸ˜€

Not for me personally but I can see why this happened. Will it be another Evernote case?

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I love tinkering with Notion but for the life of me I cannot understand why I cannot commit to it. One of the Founders said they should be financially good for a decade with current investments and revenue. That’s a great spot to be in. I wonder where we’re going to be in 5 years with SAAS let alone a decade.

… because we all know that all startups that get funding rounds from Index Ventures β€˜have a future.’ That therefore must include companies like Justworks, Argent, Personio, Matera, Triggermesh, Deepnote, Tiney, KRY, Nova Credit and Fast, all of which were funded by Index this year alone. :wink: