It's Here! (16") Excitedly setting it up

…and happy to answer any questions the reviews didn’t cover.



Neurotically refreshing UPS today. They’ve been making things dramatic: early this morning it was rescheduled for delivery later this week, then it was “check back tomorrow,” and now it’s back on track.

Gotta appreciate the logistics that go into spreading something from Shanghai to the rest of the world in just a few days.


Yikes! Hope it arrives quickly. I love that we have modern tracking technologies, though I’m sure our blood pressures were lower before we knew what was happening behind the scenes.


First two impressions.

  1. I love the form factor and the etched “Macbook Pro” on the bottom.

  2. The size of the charging brick is ridiculous. Doesn’t bother me, since I won’t travel with it, but good grief!


Third impression…IT’S BACK!!! You can see at a glance if your battery is 100%.


Boo! 30 minutes?


Congratulations! :tada:
I can’t hide it, the brown packaging box gets me some good vibes and any Apple white box gives me this relief sensation.

Can’t wait to get mine. Nov 18….Ah!


Congrats :+1:. Me jealous.

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Aww. Poor dongle. Banished from the backpack.

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Yep. Mine’s sitting in Memphis at the moment.


And this is after Apple switched to gallium nitride technology for the 16-inch’s power brick. Imagine how huge it would have been if they hadn’t.

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I’m setting this up completely new to avoid any pre-Apple Silicone cruft.

Getting apps installed and I just hit the first one that requires Rosetta: 2Do. I hadn’t realized that.

I’m skipping it for now to see what the next app that requires Rosetta is. I use 2Do every day - my whole life is in there. But if it were the only app I needed that required Rosetta, I’m not sure I’d stick with it.


Luminar and iBoysoft NTFS just joined that list. Neither is essential, but the list is growing.

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After using an M1 MacBook Air for a year, I’d say just to use Rosetta for the time being. It’s not a large installation and there seems to be no issues that have arisen from using it.

If you’re a Homebrew user, there may also be esoteric Brew packages that require Rosetta. Without it installed, it may just create confusion.

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Not a homebrew user, but I’m sure I’ll end up installing it.

I just want to see how long I can go without it and what the app is that finally pushes me over the edge.

Setting mine up from scratch and have installed Rosetta.

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What was the app that first asked for it? Any thought to trying to live without it?

Telegram, which I can’t live without as it’s the one we use for family chats (mix of Android and iOS)

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Rosetta2 is absolutely amazing and Just Works. I don’t fret about using it even for a moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.

This new computer is giving me the opportunity to evaluate and slim down my software usage. 2Do may be what sends me back to Rosetta, but we’ll see. Right now I’m trying out GoodTask. I’ve also dropped Google Drive and am using Maestral with Dropbox. Trying Canary instead of Outlook. Will see if I can avoid installing Microsoft and Adobe suites entirely. I have a lot of freedom in what tools I use for my work and it’s been a long time since I challenged my own status quo.

By the way, the 16" is still beautiful. Haven’t even begun to understand its performance yet, but that screen…