It's time for @MacSparky to update the Save to PDF shortcut again

Well, it’s time for @MacSparky to update the Save to PDF shortcut again for macOS Ventura!

Apple reverted the name to “Save to PDF…” , with ellipsis.

I just updated mine, can’t live without it :nerd_face:


Was there a certain combination of keys you had to press to get the ellipses? I recall that you could not just press the full stop key three times but had to do a specific combination of keys.

Please could you let me know how you adds the ellipses as I cannot remember exactly how this was done?

Darran West

I’ve fixed up mine. I just put three full stops (not an ellipses character) and it’s working.

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Same as @funkydan2 . No special ellipsis characters needed. Three full stops and it’s back to working.


Thanks @funkydan2 and @cwc

Option-Semicolon = “…” and also works.
Took this Yank a bit to figure out that a fullstop is not a special type of period. :wink:


Thanks @Isaac, that’s the keyboard combination I could not remember. I forgot that American English uses the term period, while we use full stop. I will try to mention both in the future.

I was just thinking this of this today. I used the Save as PDF drop-down menu on the print dialogue screen like some kind of animal.

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I’m making a videon on this now gang. Will have it up in the next few days.


As promised!


I believe one of the automatic character substitutions that macOS/iOS will do is to replace three periods (full stop characters) with a single ellipsis character.

Might or might not be enabled on the system where you created the shortcut, so this might or might not be in play here. But macOS keyboard shortcuts at least used to require you to get the characters exactly right.

(Which you probably have, but perhaps only by the grace of auto-correct.)

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BTW, Stage Manager is great for these kinds of videos.
Just one app is in focus on the screen, and the transition between them is so smooth.

Edit: corrected a typo.

I managed to deduce the ellipsis problem myself and fix it just like @Macsparky has suggested in his timely video update (Thanks once again David). However, has anyone else discovered that MS Word now will not autofill the filename into the print as PDF finder window as it has for the past umpteenth years? It now displays ‘untitled’ as the filename.
Anyone got a workaround or a fix?