iTunes losing data/changes when app is restarted


I’m running the latest beta of Mohave (10.14 18A377a) and have hit a problem with iTunes.

iTunes used to work just fine, and I don’t often manually add music to my library (by ripping CDs) so I am not sure exactly when this issue arose, but it’s certainly been present for the last couple of betas. It may even have been around since before I put Mohave on my machine.

The problem is that when I make library changes by adding tracks from an external source, or change metadata (album/artist/track) etc., the changes are only available until iTunes restarts, at which point, they are lost and just disappear.

I ended up getting frustrated when trying to add a ripped CD a few weeks ago and ended up buying the digital version too. This gave me an extra piece of the puzzle… when iTunes is restarted, all changes are lost as I said, including the album that I bought digitally - it doesn’t appear in the "Recently Added’ list immediately, only after about 10 seconds, then only as a cloud download.

So, it seems that the issue is that changes to my library are not being stored. Permissions are fine, with my user having full read/write.

It feels like a permission issue, but I don’t know where else to check.

Any got any ideas what is happening? It’s very frustrating…

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Thank you in advance.

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Are you storing your music in the cloud? (What is it, Music Match?)
Perhaps your rips are being deleted because the exist on Apple’s servers, and the meta data changes you make are lost too.

Where is your iTunes library stored? Is it on the same drive as the OS? An external hard drive? A NAS?

No, my library is stored locally.