iTunes Match in Apple Music?

Does anyone know if iTunes Match is part of Apple Music and if it’s up to the same standard as the iTunes Match service?

It’s included and it seems to work without issues here.

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Okay, it’s just I just had a conversation with an Apple support person and he said he wasn’t sure that the iTunes Match included in Apple Music was exactly the same sort of process as in the regular iTunes Match.

I’m also asking cause I experienced two albums that disappeared from my library which I had originally ripped from cds. They disappeared as I went from iTunes Match to rely solely on Apple Music

I originally had iTunes Match and then purchased a few months of Apple Music and everything just seemed to go across. However, your disappearing album brings an issue I did have to mind, where Apple Music wouldn’t play songs that I had in my library for a specific album or two.

However, I can browse and play these if I only search songs in my library, rather than Apple Music.

I don’t recall the Music app having to reupload all my songs when I switched from Match to Music or vice versa.

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Gotta be something with rights somehow

That’s what I assumed to be honest.

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