iTunes Match requirements

Yes I think that means the same thing

An other idea might be Roon. You can use your Mac as a server to start with.
Its a great way to manage your music weather its your own ripped CD"s but also in combination with other streaming services with the exception of Apple Music.

Its not cheap but if you are into music its awesome!

I came here to say that I changed my mind when it comes to Plex. I think I was not using it properly. I was focused on the Libraries, which wouldn’t let me do certain things such as changing the order or tracks and stuff like that, but today I noticed that I have to create Playlists instead if I want to do that. And I’m loving the app now!

I was also using PlexAmp on my iPhone, which seems to be a very archaic app compared to the Plex (no Amp) app, even though Plex has a 1 min limitation when it comes to playback of both audio and video, but a one-time purchase of $6 makes that go away, which is super affordable!

I’m still learning how the whole thing works, but it seems like a great app/service and does what I need it to do (especially because it allows me to set my Mac to automatically update my libraries across all my devices when I add new files to the folders). I’m even thinking of stop using Music app completely, if I find all the same features in Plex.

Really appreciate you for sharing it here! :raised_hands: