I've been waiting for such a long time

Trying to decide between the new MB Pro 13in or going with the 16in.

I have heard that the 10th Gen are significantly faster than the 9th and that most folks expect a refresh this year.

I could probably keep my Late Oct 2013 13in MB Pro on life support until then. I went to pop off the back to put in a new SSD drive and the back literally popped off. I thought to myself, are the batteries supposed to be round like that. So in the past 2 weeks I have put in a new drive and a new battery.

Would it be worth it to wait for the 10th Gen?

As of now, I think the whole Macbook lineup is quite current. You could always wait for whatever may or may not come next without buying anything at any given moment. :slight_smile:

None of the Macbooks released recently are bad at all and all of them will continue to work well for years to come.

If you want a Macbook with a big screen, you will not regret buying the 16-inch version and if you want a nice deal, you can already get a refurbished one which is as good as a “new” one.

If you want to have a powerful 13-inch version, you will have an amazing machine - and yes, on the top end of the line with a 10th Gen Intel processor.

I really would just look at the screen size: would you like to have a big screen or not? I would not care so much about the question if the processor is part of the 9th or 10th generation. And apart from that, the 16-inch model is even available with Core i9 processors wich are not available for the 13-inch model.

Then again you should ask yourself, if you really need that amount of CPU horse power.