I've given in.. TextExpander is back on my machines. And staying!

I’ve tried several options as a replacement for TextExpander over the past few months.
A bit out of frustration with their move to subscription pricing, a bit out of frustration with the iOS keyboard issues (none of their fault by the way, that’s on Apple) and a bit out of curiosity whether alternatives would be as good (or better).

Well, long story short: I’m back in the TE family… although not entirely.

I have renewed my subscription and am actively using it again. BUT: not for all expansions.

I’ve decided to keep all relatively small abbreviations like expanding an email address, names, greeting or typo corrections in the macOS/iOS text replacement. This ensures most of the “simpler” expansions work automatically from the native keyboard on both macOS and iOS.
Thus saving me a lot of switching keyboards on iOS.

For all more complicated snippets (mostly work related) I’ve gone back to TE.
It’s just SO much easier to get it to do what I want, make it look the way I want, and change when I need than all the alternatives I’ve used so far. I’m still not a fan of subscription pricing, but in this case… :+1:


Whilst I didn’t try any of them for longer than trying a few snippets – I certainly paid attention to the chatter regarding other options when TE went subscription-based (Alfred, KM, aText, Typinator etc.), but ultimately never took the plunge.

My staying with TE was partly due to my having sunk so much time into creating my snippets in TE already, and partly due to many of the others (with the exception of Typinator) not really being suited for the complex ‘macros’ that TE can run.

But a further factor that I don’t see many talk about, which might mean I am one of the few that finds it useful – is how I really appreciate TE’s habit of notifying me when I have typed something I already have a snippet for…

I might be wrong, but don’t think the others have this as an option, and given how many times it helps me to start using snippets again that were long-since forgotten (especially in the context of a programme/setting that I haven’t been back to in a long time) – it is something I value highly…