I've gone to the Dark Side!

Today I did it, I bought the first computer I’ve ever bought that wasn’t a Mac!

ok it was a Chromebook for LambTracker development but I’m still in shock and denial.


It’s ok. There will be new Macs in the future that call you back into the fold. :smiley:


I am not sure about that :slight_smile: If the new Mac Mini did not come out, I would probably also buy a non-Mac :slight_smile: The prices are just ridiculous.

Relax, it’s just a computer.


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We’ve got a chrome book and it is excellent at being a reliable cheap computer that can do most stuff. Similar to iPads as computer replacements they work pretty well for most of the things we would do on it, and they even make the cheap iPad look expensive.

I’m holding out for a new iMac.

This device is going to, hopefully, become the new LambTracker Desktop machine. I’m adding in the registry functions that you really need a real keyboard to do so I need something that is similar to an Android but that has a real keyboard. With the Chromebook I can, theoretically, just add in the proper options for the compile and the code will work. Of course, there is a long way from theory to reality, especially since I broke many of the rules for coding Android, mostly in how I handle screen sizes. But at least it’s not learning an entire new development environment.

https://daringfireball.net/thetalkshow/2019/02/28/ep-245 John Gruber about ‘the keyboard’.