Jazz in Spatial Audio

Per @MacSparky’s blog article I’m thoroughly enjoying this playlist in spatial audio. As a jazz enthusiast myself I also highly recommend it.


Do you need special headphones or speaker setup to fully experience special audio?

Yes. AirPods Pro or Max.

Thanks, added. Since getting AirPods Pro I’ve been checking out what’s available in AM lossless.

thanks for the awesome information.

For spatial audio in music, it looks like a good variety of headphones will work.

For spatial audio in video content, i think you need AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. It’s a bit confusing.

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I have an amplifier that is Dolby Atmos compatible. Assuming I have the correct speaker setup will the spatial audio also work on it?

You have assumed correctly. It works just fine in my 5.1 setup. You do not need overheads in your Atmos setup for it to work correctly, although it will be downmixed.

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