July 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software/etc. Deals

Until July 10th Apple has reinstituted its 10% deal when adding funds to your Apple ID.

Purchases will add an extra 10% on top whenever someone adds funds to their Apple ID, worth up to $200 in the United States, 200 GBP in the United Kingdom, and up to 300 euro in some European territories.

And if you make your purchase with an Apple Card you get 3% credit within 24 hours.

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I’m still thinking about a new Mac mini. Apple’s Back to School deal offers AirPods with certain Macs—just not the mini. Anyone have any advice on getting that deal if I’m not buying one of the chosen devices?


@bowline lol

@ryanjamurphy which specs are you thinking about for the Mac Mini?

@bowline The philosopher Jagger suggests that trying can help you get what you need. Sadly this doesn’t seem to apply to AirPods—Apple’s customer service has denied my desperate begging. :cry:

@r2d2 I don’t want to tangent this thread too much—you can see more discussion about my deliberations over here: Comparing Mac hardware—amortized cost and approx. performance gains. (I just edited the original post to add the specs I’m looking at.)

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HomePod for $200 at Best Buy today:


Cleanshot X, a Mac screenshot & screen-recording app, is 20% off with the https://cleanshot.com/?ref=family friends-&-family link. (Pricing for one Mac drops to $23).

The app includes access to sharing via Cleanshot Cloud, GIF trimming, scrolling capture, pin/float screenshots, crop/drawing/highlighting, and a lot more. App seems to do a lot more than the screenshot utility I’ve been using, Snapz Pro X.


“Get 50% off custom photo books, cards, and more with code APPLEPAY when you check out in the Snapfish app through July 15.”

(You must also use Apple Pay at checkout.)

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[MacOS] Noizio — Calm, Meditate, Sleep, with relax meditation nature sounds is free from $9.99.



Through September 30th Capture One (probably the main competitor to Adobe Lightroom) offers a 25% discount on perpetual licenses and subscriptions (but not upgrades or Styles packs) with coupon code TAKE25OFF.

Daisy Disk is now 50% off at $4.99


Sergey at MacPlus just announced a Flash Sale for the next 24 hours - all apps 40% off at this link. Best known apps are MultiDock, DeskCover, ActiveDock and Command-Tab, though I own his Google_Keep Mac app/wrapper.


[iOS] Remote Control for Mac/PC Pro : handy mobile mouse & keyboard, free from $6.99.

Silicio 3 for Mac currently free in the Mac App Store where it has a 4.8 rating.

Silicio is a mini player and a today widget that allows you to see and control your music. Alongside iTunes with Apple Music and Beats 1, a wide range of music players is supported.


Four free months of Apple News+, to new subscribers only - and possibly only to US users - courtesy of this link at BestBuy.

For anyone with a serious interest in photography one of the best extant photo magazines, The British Journal Of Photography, has a Covid-19 special of £1 for three months of online access, including seven years of digital back-issues. (That’s a discount of about US $49.) Offer expires next Monday.

RX Elements is on sale again for $29.
I used this offer then subsequent offers on RX to get some great tools for a good price.


That’s a big discount

Lenovo L24q-30 is on sale for $149.99 from $200. It’s a 23.8” monitor that does QHD 2560x1440. This resolution is a sweet spot for me because 1920x1080 is just too small.