Just a mini Apple rant Re: Magic Trackpad 2 Battery Replacement

It is basically a simple thing, to go to the website, make the appointment there, and THEN go to this scheduled appointment, meet a specialist who already has the instructions on what to do, and get your faulty device exchanged!
But this is not, what happened here!
Webwalrus did not make the appointment via the website, he approached an Apple Store without his device and the necessary Appointment, and then startet the rant we have to read here, because he did not get what he wanted, the Way he wanted it.

Beside that, with his unnecessary complaint towards the Apple Management he endangered the jobs of a couple of people, unfortunately crossed his way during his mission, and now became the subject of his unnecessary complaint!
This is just not fair against those Apple Employees going into his way, while he did not followed the procedure Apple set up for this!

So, I never called someone a “liar”!
I also not running “out of arguments” on that topic!
I just mentioned, that he could reach his goal, by following the given rules, without doing this rant, and getting Apple Employees in a possible troubled situation, while it was, in fact, totally his fault!!
Oh, and because he didn’t do any mistakes, from his point of view, he rather flags posts, that he did not like, than to either see into his faults, or at least set a valid argument against it, in case I miss something!

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Stop feeding the troll!

(And fortunately there is a way to ‘flag’ folks and and lower the noise part of the signal to noise ratio. :slight_smile: )