Just automated my dumb garage door opener!

A year later, we had a power outage, reseting everything. Back in the same boat where I cannot get the Meross MSG-200HK to work with home kit. I can get it to work with the Meross App and even be seen in Home Kit but with the label “No Response.” I’ve been working with Meross tech support for a week, but everything we’ve tried has been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Nest doorbell and thermostats work so well. Is it Meross that is finicky or HomeKit?

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What a bummer! The openers haven’t given me trouble, but the outdoor plug made me fist shake several times. Ended up deleting it from HK, removing it from the Meross app, deleting and reinstalling the app, removing the device from my wifi network, then resetting the device like 5 times.

It sat for a day unplugged then tried the install process again. This time, I didn’t rename, move or change anything besides what it wanted to be added as. Somehow that worked! After adding it to the app it popped into HK then renamed and moved it to the space I wanted.

After ALL that, it has been solid but my GOD it was a PITA.

Oh, the joys and “efficiencies” of home automation!

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. :slightly_smiling_face:

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