Just me, or does Mail.app have you triage mails you've already triaged?

After doing the dance over the years between Dispatch, Spark, Airmail, I eventually defaulted back to Mail.app, over stability issues.

I’ve long since forgotten which ones were the culprits, or the specifics, but suffice it to say that at the time, certain things happened that went beyond simple crashes (possibly similar to @MacSparky’s issues of trying to reply to mail X, but instead having the reply sent to mail Y)…

Regardless, I’ve been on Mail.app for over a year again, and despite it’s shortcomings, it remains predictable, and doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Except for making me work twice/thrice as hard! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s possibly a case of me being too impatient/quick, when I am triaging, and not allowing enough time to sync, but want to check if this happens to anyone else?

I have 60 unread emails by the evening.
I work through the list, either deleting or flagging, but mostly swiping to have Read.
At the end of it all, I might have 25 unread emails.
The next morning, I have 90 unread emails.
Before going in to work, waiting for the coffee to brew etc., I triage again.
I clear out the new emails… before starting to recognise some of the emails again, and then realise I am now having to triage emails that I know I worked through the previous evening

As in, emails I had marked as read (the deleted ones, have stayed ‘deleted’), are back, but marked as unread.
And since I triage by working through unread emails, the fact that the sync, of these having been marked Read last night (for whatever reason) never carried through, means I am having to deal with them again the next morning! :angry:

That happen to anyone else?
Starting to get a bit annoying now.
To the point of my thinking about putting my dancing shoes on again…

I have seen it happen when switching from iOS to macOS or between iOS devices. My guess is that iOS doesn’t immediately make the changes on the server to save data and/or battery. I have better consistency if I remember to force a refresh after I’m done with triage.

Not sure if having an account with push capabilities (and push enabled in Settings) and/or background app refresh enabled makes a difference.

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Thanks – valid points you make!
Will check out my settings.

‘Forcing’ the sync, that’s by pulling down = refresh? Or are there different ways I might be missing?

Are you using gmail? I have seen some similar issues bc of google’s non-standard approach to imap & folders.

Yes! I wouldn’t have thought of that. All 5 accounts are Gmail…

So this might not necessarily be a Mail.app issue - but don’t recall it happening quite like this over in Spark/Airmail etc.

I will try and be more disciplined with forcing the refresh/sync, and leaving it for a few moments, after the traige session – and see if that makes a difference.

Here are a couple links I found helpful:


Maybe it’s the labels issue described in the second one?

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Thanks - will give these a go!

I sometimes see this on iOS, but more commonly on MacOS mail.app. For me, it seems like its a sync catch up issues where the already proceed emails will fix themselves in a few minutes. Haven’t had the issue last longer than that.

I wonder if an overstuffed inbox is to blame if you only read but don’t get rid of old emails. Make a new folder to move emails you’ve dealt with in to and set up rules to completely delete emails older than say 2 years from that folder.

The force resync I meant was the pull down to refresh action.

I ran into that exact problem with Spark.

@BradG Did you ever solve this issue? I’m having similar non-sync / anti-sync issues with Mail app between desktop and laptop.

From what I can work out, it was a “speed” issue… If I did many at once, I didn’t allow for enough time to have the changes sync, as in - for Mail.app to ‘phone home’ with the changes…

Since being more deliberate with triaging at specific times, as a specific task, this seems to have become less is an issue.