Just ordered my 16”

Ordered as soon as the store opened back up. Splurged on a 16 in max chip, max memory 4tb. Most expensive laptop I ever bought. I had to change my delivery address and the date slipped a week in 10 seconds. Looking at Nov 5-12. If you’ve been waiting, hurry!


I was holding out for a Mac Mini announcement. I guess I’m still holding…


I think they are gonna do a complete redesign next year, since they already have an M1

Yeah. I don’t care about the looks, just the internals and I/O, but alas. I’ll just enjoy the one I have a little bit longer.

That 16" looks awesome though. That will be fun to run.

Yeah, did the same. Funny, was just lamenting the lack of performance of the 16" mbpro I have last night. Told my son that if they come out with a 16" M1 I’d buy it. Son texts from school Apple released this M1max and I told him not to kid around with that sorta thing, thats just evil. Little did I know…

December 2-24 is delivery time, wil be looking out for that new shininess!

And may I mention display port, SD card slot, mag safe? Holy cow, is Apple listing?

Display port? (20 chars)

ooops, sorry, typing not in sync with thinking - its an HDMI port of course