Keep Finder from Switching Spaces

A while back - somewhere on the Big WWW, there was a post by someone with a tip for keeping the finder from switching spaces when ever you click on the desktop.

If you have an open finder window in (let’s say) Space 2 and you are in Space 1, if you click on the desktop, it will jump to Space 2 and the open window. There was a “fix” for this where it would just “open” the finder and not jump to the open window.

I thought is was either on Macworld, or maybe Six Colors, but I searched everywhere and Cant find it. Does any one know how to make this happen, or remember where the article was to make the finder behave this way? I use Spaces all the time and forgot how annoying it is to have it switch this way.


Change the behavior by changing the finder option in the Dock.

Click an hold the Finder icon. Then choose “Options” and make sure Assign to “All Desktops” is checked.

Thanks - that kind of does what I want - but it also makes any open finder windows “move” to the other space. I am pretty sure what I had before was the window stayed in the original space and didn’t show up in the other. So I could have a clean desktop in one space, and opens finder windows in another.

Thanks though - this does help.

System Preferences --> Mission Control.

Uncheck “Group Windows by Application”.

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Thanks!! I got so caught up in thinking is was something tricky that I missed going to Mission Control. I didn’t have that one checked, but I did have this one checked.


Unchecking it solved my issue,

Thanks @Quahog!


OK - this really isn’t quite it either. I don’t know maybe I was dreaming, and it always worked this way. Just muscle memory is telling me otherwise. I will keep searching.

Sorry I couldn’t help more.


Thanks for your help!