Keeping Laptop Screen Clean?

In ~1 1/2, I will own a new 14 MBP. Given the insane sum of money I have dropped, I would like to protect the screen for years to come. For my current 13” MBP, I’ve for years used a thin thin mousepad to get between the keyboard and the screen. I’m wondering are there better, safer, smarter ways of doing this?


Perhaps this?

NEVER Close Your Macbook Lid Without Doing THIS! - YouTube

I will vacuum the room, take a shower and change into dry cleaned clothes before I touch at my Mac. Just in case… :wink:

I just treat them like normal work tools and they just last fine.


I have used these or similar brands of screen protectors.

I have also used the original tissue that came with the laptop as well as a thin polyethylene foam sheet that was a packing layer for something.

My main issue is finding ghost outlines for the keys on the screen. I suspect this happens because I cart my MBP around quite a bit between home to work to lecture rooms to office.



I occasionally spray some lens cleaning fluid on my computer screen when I’m cleaning my glasses, that’s about it :face_with_peeking_eye:

With a huge caveat though that I do use proper cleaning cloths to clean my glasses and the computer screen does get the same treatment, I don’t just smear the cleaning fluid about with the sleeve of my jumper or something. I’m not a monster.

I never allow food anywhere near my my MacBook Pro and keep the screen clean with a lens cloth moistened with water.


I knew there must be someone in the world that didn’t eat at their computer!


I do. I’ve also been known to “spit clean” random spots that won’t come off with a dry sleeve.

Seriously though, my experience is that MacBooks are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for.


This stuff does wonders on all types of screens.


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Same! I guess my fingers are oily as fingerprints transfer from the keys to the screen when I close the lid!

Fantastic - I’ve used this:×150×0-65mm/dp/B07FQBHGHP/ref=sr_1_6?crid=33QKM1SWFNWW3&keywords=senseage&qid=1699810522&sprefix=senseage%2Caps%2C76&sr=8-6&th=1 for 2 computers. However it is wearing out and I wonder what the smart kids were using today.

I ordered your Clean Wizard and also the Whoosh (my main monitor needs some love too).

@Caro I promise I don’t eat near my computer. It’s the grease from fingers → keyboard → screen that bugs me.

I’ve found this tool to be handy for routine maintenance:



I get the oily ‘keyboard lines’ too and the most I ever do is ‘huff’ a breath onto the screen and polish with a high quality microfibre cloth, such as comes with glasses, or used to (if I’m not imagining it) with Macs.

It might seem like some of the marks won’t come off easily, but rather than resort to any kind of cleaner or overly-zealous pressure, I’ve found that simply continuing to polish away will eventually move almost everything.

There are occasionally more stubborn marks, that may be a splash of a drink that I didn’t notice. For these, I’ve found the best approach is to smear the mark with an oily finger! Seriously, that tends to break down the stubborn bit and you’re just left with a simple greasy mark which can be polished away as above.

The screens I have a much harder time with are iPhone and iPad because they are constantly touched.

The iMacs that we started installing around 2009 were constantly touched too, sometimes with the tip of a pen while users were pointing out things on their screen. And yes, Macs used to come with black microfibre cloths complete with embossed Apple logos.

These were normally lost in the first couple of days. So I started handing them out on request to people who actually cleaned their screens. I never did give them all away.

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UM… Not sure but some screen protectors mess up the closing of the case for some devices.

Personally I’d not worry about it, unless you are taking the device out into a sheep pasture and or cattle corral it will be fine. I’ve used mine out in the field and just carry a microfiber cloth to get the dust and manure off it and when I get home give it a good vacuuming. My MacBook Air is a 2019 model and it still has a perfectly clear and unscratched screen.