Keeping My Top 3 Tasks Top of Mind on Screen

You might try making up one list. Dividing it into 2 (or whatever), labeling for whatever time you need. Any modifications just place them on the list. And keep Stickies open.

You know, the problem I have with Things 3 (besides it costing a whopping $50 for the Mac with no extra features) is I forget to look at it! So I get all backed up. I still input a lot but I don’t really use it the way I should. When I actually open the app, I spend my time deleting old stuff.

Maybe I should email myself daily. So maybe some smart developer or Mac nerd can tell me how to do that.

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Yes, That’s what I’m planning to do. I also discovered that you can keep stickies “on top” of all your app windows so it’s never out of sight! :raised_hands:

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