Keeping Track of Apple Hardware

In case any of you may be getting new Apple hardware about now :thinking:

How to you keep track of serial numbers, apple care, etc over time? I recently had to look up some details for a machine I bought a few years ago, and it was surprisingly difficult. I had PDF receipts, emails, notes in Evernote, but searching any of those brought up a lot of results between Macs, iPhones, iPads, software, subscriptions. Apple’s Account page seemed to only go back 6 months (I think) for purchases.

So, do you have a system for that?

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Apple Support app on iOS has all the details about your devices.


Great suggestion. I had deleted the app since I didn’t think it had any use.


If you sign in to your apple account on the web it also lists all your devices where you’ve logged in.

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Forgot all about that app. Already installed and does indeed have all the details.

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Thanks! Had no idea.
Now I know my iMac Pro will break after 1/5/22 :upside_down_face:

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You don’t even need to go onto the web for the details: on iOS go to Settings, click on your user name and the details of your devices are listed below, including the serial number. The same is true on MacOS: System Preferences > Apple ID – the devices are listed on the left at the bottom.

Details of your AppleCare subscriptions can be found if you sign into your account on the App Store, View Information, then Manage subscriptions. I’m sure it’s available elsewhere too, but that’s where I found it by accident this morning. :slight_smile:


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Another divine friendly reminder to stop using it as a heater :sweat_smile:


I save all of the info in 1Password.


Yep I put all the pertinent details in a note in Pbsidian and then link it into my Equipment MOC

It’s nice to have the device to look it up but I’ve usually needed the data when the device is not working or MIA for some reason so I store it oelsewhere.

Same for all vehicles, trailers, major farm equipment etc. Every one of those has a note in Obsidian so I have all the data including regular Mainten. etc in one place

Exactly. I feel seen :slight_smile:

I have something similar in Evernote, but it turned out not be as searchable in the context I needed it.

I could tweak those notes or even summarize them, but for at-a-glance serial numbers and apple care on devices that aren’t with me, I think the Apple Support app as suggested by @mina looks good.

I started a bit of an Apple product museum and I use MacTracker. It is very useful on the Mac but not as useful on IOS.