Keyboard Maestro 10.0 has been released

Looks good, installing now!

From the press release:

Version 10 adds support for showing information in the menu bar including dynamic icon and text, with dynamic menus of macros that can be triggered easily.

A new Paste by Name facility allows you to quickly paste text straight from your clipboard history. The more comprehensive Clipboard History window has also been enhanced to include more information like word and line count, and additional options for setting the clipboard or pasting plain text.

Version 10 has a new action that allows you to select an area on the screen, and combining that with the OCR facilities allows you to OCR any area on the screen.

The editor is enhanced with the ability to save favorite actions, preconfigured with your choice of values, colors, and other settings. There is also a new Select Macro by Name command to quickly change to a specified macro, search fields in long insertion menus, control over evaluating condition results in real time, a menu item to select the last failed action, easy ways to go to a macro that calls the current macro and much more.

This version adds the concept of Subroutines, allowing you to pass multiple parameters to a macro to perform tasks shared by multiple macros and a Return action to return information back to the calling macro. There is also a new Try/Catch action to allow more complex error handling.

The Prompt for User Input action has added a bunch of new field types, like color and date selection.

And you can now export a macro as a Text Service or a Finder Quick Action to have the macro operate on selected text or the selected files.

The debugger now lets you jump straight to the action in question, and shows the value of recently accessed variables.

And so much more. More triggers, like triggering when you Unlock, when the Power Status changes, when the Appearance changes, or when you long press a hot key. Many more actions, like displaying a progress bar, create a unique file, and pause until a system change happens. Many more filters, like sort, reverse or shuffle lines, escape for regular expression, and quote for JSON. A plethora of new AppleScript facilities, and a truck load of other small changes to improve Keyboard Maestro across the board.

See the wiki What’s New section for a complete list of changes. With over a hundred other improvements, there is bound to be something for everyone.


Day 1 Upgrade for me. KM have saved me tons of hours/days!! I don’t have a lot of macros but the few I used - quickly paste password from Keychain - a task I do almost 10 times a day logging into various company intranet - is such a super time saver for me! And, I also use KM to resize windows in the MacBook and when connected to an external display! Insta win!


Excellent. The upgrade for purchases prior to last March was $18 U.S. + tax. Worth every single penny. (Even if pennies themselves are worthless.)

Hoping for an update to the MacSparky KM Field Guide soon.

Hopping into the rabbit hole right now.


I would have hoped for an updated and improved interface. Visually and in regards to usability it feels a bit like Frankenstein software similar to Windows 11, where you still can find icons from Win 95 in some places.

OCR and subroutines are a great addition!

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Looking forward to use those!

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Happy to pay this upgrade, good, clear, upfront pricing.
Lots of value for it. My kind of developers :slight_smile:


instant upgrade! the $18 did not even ask my permission as it sent itself to Peter.


Funny enough, if you go to Keyboard Maestro > About Keyboard Maestro, it will actually tell you how many days it thinks it has saved you.


I upgraded without any hesitation. Indispensable software like this deserves support!


Insta upgrade, I could not understand all the fuss about Keyboard Maestro but after a year using it it has saved me countless times.

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This is one of those apps that I feel badly upgrading because I use the app so much, I feel like I should pay full price.

$18 every 2 years (on average time for upgrades for Keyboard Maestro – NOT a subscription!!!) is not a lot of money to the developer.

If anyone has resisted buying Keyboard Maestro because of the price, send me a DM (do not reply here, DM only!)

First person to do so will get a free license sent to them from me.


Offer has been claimed!


Good news!

One of the very few essential Mac programs: it will be upgraded as soon as I put the iPad down and walk upstairs to the Mac.


I loved the upgrade to Hazel when it stopped looking like the ugly thing you hide in basement (ok, systems preferences). But I also dislike software where 95% of the effort goes into the look.

And Keyboard Maestro isn’t even the worst offender.

Yeah. I feel like software like KM is challenging enough to get right, and the interface naturally lends itself to a much more bare-bones setup. Since it’s the sort of thing that (hopefully) one shouldn’t have to be staring at all that often, it’s not a big deal at all. I’d rather have Peter working on useful features. :slight_smile:

And like everybody else, I upgraded within about 5 minutes of getting the email. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I prefer function over eye-candy. A little GUI-refreshment would be OK, can live without it. And, as stated, KM isn’t the worst. Not even near.

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That was not the point of my statement. This is not black and white.
Yet, the gray line to walk is narrow.

In comparison to the plethora of good Mac apps, the unprogressive UI is holding the software back. It actually becomes an obstacle often enough. Using it makes it feel fragile. All in all you get early 2000 Windows app vibes.

Yes, it’s a “power user” tool and the features, but that does not mean you should neglect usability. And again I am not and never was talking about pointless visual polish with no other sake than looks.

are you the one complaining that the new macbook pros are too thick and heavy? :smiley:


Meh, KM could use a part time UX designer. I honestly think it would pay for itself even medium term.

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Not at all, I can handle the weight. But some design choices they made, work against what Apple usually tries to convey. However, it gives them some room to upsell the 2023 “facelift” with it’s slimmer body and screen casing.

I think the point of the current MBPs is that Apple is backtracking on some of those previous “thinner and lighter” type decisions.

Unless the battery tech or other tech evolves in such a way that the laptop naturally gets lighter while maintaining the same functionality, I hope they don’t have a “thinner, lighter” refresh.

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