Keyboard Maestro and App update screens

Hi everyone,

I am subscriber to a newspaper and use Keyboard Maestro to log in via Safari and download the PDF. Once downloaded the PDF get’s filed via Hazel and I can read my daily newspaper in the synced folder with PDF Expert.

The Keyboard Maestro script to open the webpage, log-in and download the PDF works in the most part with ‘Insert text’, ‘Type keystroke’ and ‘Move and Click’. Unfortunately the script fails from time to time: “Action Failed: Set Safari Field failed to set …”

Most of the times a App update screen is then open and I imagine, that this is preventing Keyboard Maestro from function as expected.

Experimented with ‘Hide All Applications’ but this doesn’t influence the app update screens.

Any suggestions how to get to a reliable PDF download?

Thanks for your ideas.

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Find out if they have an API you can use to do this. Otherwise, curl it from a shell script.


they have definitely no API as it is just provided as a regular newspaper user download. Unfortunately I have not the skills to curl it from a shell scirpt :-(.

Hoped that there is were some possibility within Keyboard Maestro to ignore App Update Screens or to minimize them in the first place.

The very active crew over at the Keyboard Maestro forum love challenges and usually they will point you to the right features that will solve your problem – or even write the macro for you.


Indeed. The Keyboard Maestro and the MPU forums are two of the best out there.

You can find the Keyboard Maestro forum at

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Great - thank you for the link to the Keyboard Maestro forum.