Keyboard Maestro - can't get David's new "Print to PDF" macro to work (updated at 11:04am CST)

(Probably this is a question that only David or someone who’s enrolled in his Keyboard Maestro course can answer since I can’t share with you the KM macro he recently made available to everyone in the course.)

I excitedly downloaded David Sparks’s “Print to PDF” Keyboard Maestro macro, only to find that I can’t get the thing to work. When I hit the hot key, the print dialog box comes up, but then, if you look at “Edit” in the top left-hand side of the screen, you can see a number of actions from that menu are taking place and yet the print dialog box doesn’t get replaced with the save dialog box. And when I manually “Save as PDF,” the save dialog box that pops up doesn’t show the title of the email/PDF having been changed the way it should if the macro is running properly.

Here’s a 12-second screen recording of what happens:

If anyone has ideas about how to get things running, please oh please let me know. Thanks.

I have the same issue. Is it something to do with the save as PDF David has the shortcut Apple P.

I am sure David says he shows us earlier how to do that but I cannot remember it or find it!

@MacSparky please help!


Here you go …

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Thanks, David! Gonna try it out in the morning.

Thank you very much David!

Ahhhhh! It works! Sooo happy. Thank you, David.

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MacOS Ventura changed the name of the command in the print dialog box again. Now it is “Save as PDF…” with an ellipsis instead of three periods. I used the ellipsis in this post to make it easy for the rest of you.