Keyboard Maestro - history icon on desktop?

Hi there - I’m new to Keyboard Maestro. When I execute actions using keyboard triggers, I get this little icon on my desktop. I assume that it’s a command history kind-of-thing.
It kinda gets in the way, but I couldn’t find anything about it on KM help or in the Preferences. Any idea what it is, where I can find more about it, or how to hide this thing?


This is probably a conflict palette; it means you’re trying to trigger a macro with a shortcut that is used elsewhere.

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Further to @JKoopmans’s suggestion, you can open Keyboard Maestro Editor, select “All” from the Groups panel on the left, then View > Sort Macros by > Trigger to determine which macros have the same hot key or other trigger.


Excellent! Thank you both! I can find it now that I know its name. :smile: