Keyboard Maestro Question

I recently installed Quicken on my MacBook Pro. Quicken for Windows syncs automatically upon exiting. Quicken for Mac doesn’t seem to have that feature. Can I solve this with Keyboard Maestro? Happy new year all!

I don’t use Quicken for Mac, so I can’t say precisely, but… assuming that Quicken for Mac has some way to tell it to sync on-demand, you could use Keyboard Maestro to say:

“Whenever I am using Quicken for Mac and press ⌘Q, first trigger the sync process, then quit”

Or, if you find that the sync is interrupted by the quit process:

“Whenever I am using Quicken for Mac and press ⌘Q, first trigger the sync process, hide the app, pause for 15 seconds [or however long it usually needs to sync] then quit.”

Of course if you choose File » Quit, well, then it will just quit without syncing :slight_smile:


At least when set up using their suggestion of putting the data file in Dropbox it does sync upon exiting. I’ve been doing this for years even before they officially supported it, and accessing on three different computers (my iMac, my wife’s, and a MacBook Pro when traveling). I have no idea if you can sync using iCloud or other services. Data from Quicken (connected accounts and stock quotes) seem to sync when launching Quicken. The stock quotes will update hourly if selected in Settings–>Connected Services.

Backups will be created automatically when quitting when selected in Preferences–>General–>File Backup.

Note that if you have encrypted Quicken data it gets unencrypted when you launch Quicken and reencrypted when you leave, which means that it is not encrypted when Quicken is open and there is excess network traffic because of the process. Also the Quicken for Mac and Quicken for Windows formats are different so you can’t share between them.

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