Keyboard Maestro V9 RELEASED!

There doesn’t seem to be any reason why I can’t get the same functionality by attaching my old, old iPad to my computer.

Surely all I need is the right app. Does anyone know which app that is, because if so I have an iPad Mini I want to repurpose?

Edit: I’m only thinking about the StreamDeck’s functionality as a KM trigger, not its original purpose

Edit 2: I’ll start a new thread about this


The existing Keyboard Maestro Field Guide is hardly obsolete. That being said, I’m outlining the next update (which will be free) and include the V9 features. Neck deep in Shortcuts right now. This one is next.


Went the same way, hanging out for it to arrive from New Zealand (cheapest I could find)

Go for the 15. I have both.

But see blog post again:


Saw this tweet from @tjluoma:

Does anyone know how this “Time saved” is calculated?

(for me it’s 25 days)

It’s a loose estimate, not really scientific. Peter (the developer of Keyboard Maestro) comments on it here:


it says detachable USB-C to USB-A cable… so, is it USB-A at the other end, meaning MacBook Pro users are shit out of luck? :frowning:

I’m assuming that it’s a USB-C connection on the device end and USB-A on the host (Mac), so you’d just have to find a USB-C to USB-C cable for a newer Mac.

I’ll post specifics when mine arrives later today :slight_smile:

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We are all waiting on the edge of our seats!

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So… the Stream Deck XL does have a USB-C connector on itself, which means that it assumes the other end of the cable is going into a “regular” USB-A plug.

Since I have a plethora of USB-C-to-USB-C cables, I tried just using one of those to plug in the Stream Deck XL to my Mac.

It did not work.

When I used the original cable and used my USB-A-to-USB-C adapter, then it worked fine.

I’m not sure what’s going on, however, I have a suspicion / guess: I think that the cable that comes with the Stream Deck XL is not just an ordinary cable. I think it might even be a Thunderbolt cable, which can use the same USB-C connector. My reason for thinking this is that the original cable that came with the Stream Deck XL is much heavier/thicker than all of my other USB-C cables.

I have reached out to Elgato support on Twitter and through their support desk to see if I can get a clear answer on this (hopefully there’s a USB-C-only solution available, but, for the time being, it’s dongle-town.


Here is the response I received from their tech support (edited for length and clarity):

Not all USB type C cables work at USB 3.0 speeds; it is quite possible that the cable you picked up is one of the ones that does not. For example, the cable Apple provides with some of their products only work at USB 2 speeds.

While we haven’t tested this cable with the Elgato Stream Deck XL, we have tested it with the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S and it worked with that:

We’ve also had a customer report that this cable worked well for them with the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S:

The key thing to look for is a cable that is capable of up to 10 Gbps of data.

Unfortunately the item they link to on Amazon is out-of-stock, but an Amazon search of “USB-C 10gbps” led to several results, including

[Intel Certified] Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable (USB-C to USB-C) Supports 100W Charging / 40Gbps Data Transfer (Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and 2), Perfect for Type-C Macbooks - 1.6 ft

which does confirm my earlier suspicion that what is needed is a “Thunderbolt” cable.

Now that I’m looking at these, I remember Federico Viticci talking about trying to find cables that were “USB 3.1 Gen 2” compatible (gawd what a stupid name).

There’s also

TIEGEM USB Type C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable (100W/10Gbps) USB C to USB-C Cable USB-IF TID Interface Type-C PD Cable E-Marker Power Delivery Wire for MacBook Pro Galaxy S9 S9 Plus OnePlus 6 (Red, 6.6ft): Gateway

which is:

  • $11 for 3.3 foot (that’s “1 meter” to you folks outside the USA) or
  • $12 for 6.6’ / 2 meter.

and it comes in red or black.

The Anker one is $30 for 1.6 ft / 0.5 meter, but only comes in black. I’m considering getting the red one, just to make it easier to spot as different from all my other “USB-C” cables, although I’m tempted to buy the Anker one, mostly because of their reputation. Fakespot’s adjusted review of TIEGEM only ranks it as ★★★☆☆ vs Fakespot on the Anker is ★★★★☆

The difference in “feel” (mostly thickness) of the “Thunderbolt” cable is immediately noticeable, but that doesn’t help when fishing around your laptop bag for a cable. On the other hand, it’s not like I’m going to be bringing the Stream Deck with me places… it’s most likely going to sit on my desk, so I probably won’t need a cable that I can differentiate easily, because it will always be attached to the Stream Deck anyway.

At least initially I’m just going to use the cable that came with it, attached to the USB-A-to-C adapter that I already have. If I need/want a USB-C-to-USB-C/Thunderbolt cable, I’ll buy one then.

Anyway, I hope this info will be useful to others. Going to x-post this to the Keyboard Maestro forum now.


The $18 upgrade is available if you purchased Keyboard Maestro 8.

The way I structure my upgrades is:

  • If you purchased the previous version recently (in this case, back to 1 February 2019), then you receive a free upgrade - no one wants to have to pay again for something they bought a month ago.
  • Otherwise, the upgrade fee is $25, except:
  • If you purchased the previous version, then for a short time (in this case, until 8 October 2019) you can upgrade at the discounted price of $18. This is especially to reward those loyal customers who purchase an upgrade promptly after release each major upgrade.

If you did actually purchase version 8, then please let me know ( the details of your purchase - sometimes people have more than one email address in our system and so there can be confusion caused by that.

I feel this upgrade process gives the best balance for all my customers, ensuring I am working in their interests, and they are supporting me in doing so. I have no desires to make changes to this system, which I think has served my customers, Keyboard Maestro and myself well for a long time (indeed this process has been in place since, I believe, version 3 (which was the first major upgrade that I did, after releasing version 2 after acquiring it from Michael in 2004)).


Hello Peter,

Thank you for responding here (and thank you much more for Keyboard Maestro!).

As I already posted here, I did get a proper personal coupon code.

Since then I also received an automated email from you with a coupon code. Thanks again.

Love what you did here:

Will probably upgrade this weekend (was too busy this week).

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On their site it says “upgrade FROM $18”. I imagine you need a license for v.8 that was purchased PRIOR to Feb 1, 2019 in order to get that price. I feel sure that older versions will have a more expensive upgrade fee.

Go to the website and enter your license key in the provided text box and they will tell you what your upgrade cost will be.

The Elgato device sounds like a solution looking for a problem to solve. What are the real world use cases for this device that apps like Shortcuts or IFTTT cannot accomplish?

The El Gato Stream Deck devices are basically keyboards from the future. Did you ever hear of the crowdfunded keyboards with OLEDs for keytops (that AFAIK never delivered)? That’s what the Stream Decks are… pads of buttons each of which has a real-time customizable keycap.

So it’s more a keyboard interface to automation, than automation itself, but they allow to simplify a complex UX with dynamic keytops (a la a menu system) for easy(-er) navigation of choices, options, and selections.

Remember that this is a device made to enable live streamers to quickly perform commands on their Mac. It’s designed as a professional piece of hardware with a fairly niche market.
The fact that some of us are so into automation that this device is worth the cost for its always-there qualities (and other things perhaps) is quite unintended I think.

I don’t feel any need to convince someone of the usefulness of something they aren’t interested in.

You don’t need keyboard shortcuts, you can just use the mouse.

You don’t need Hazel, you can just move the files yourself.

You don’t need launchd you can just run things yourself.

And so on… Anything that makes something easier for one person can be dismissed as unnecessary by someone who doesn’t need it, or who sees the old way as sufficient.

I’ve had it for 48 hours and have already come up with a half-dozen ways to use it. Are these things I can’t do another way? Of course I can do them another way. But this makes it easier. And for something that I’m going to use daily, that’s what I want. Make things easier.


I just now discovered that you can send output from a Keyboard Maestro macro to a specific button. Looks like you can get 5 lines with 10 characters per line.

You can also set the image of a button.

And set a temporary alarm image.

What can I use that for? Don’t know yet. But I look forward to figuring it out.


I think perhaps you may be missing the point.

Automation is not something anyone uses because we NEED it, but depending on how often a certain task or sequence of tasks is repeated, it can save time and increase both productivity and accuracy.

Sure, we could all still do it manually…and if you don’t have repetitive tasks to automate, these applications are really unnecessary. However for someone repeating the same task multiple times, they can save a lot of time that can be more productively used doing other things.

Yeah of course. At some point time saving does becomes a need of course. Lots could be said about that, we could, for instance, add up columns of numbers by hand as we used to say. Nobody can afford to do that now. Nobody. Time saved is just filed up with something else too often though…

On the other hand I find about 60% of my automation is just aesthetic I might say and saves a kind of irritation very often. Click here then click there…
I hardly save any time, in some cases none if you count setting the macro or expansion. Lose time even! I do, overall save a lot of time because I am not irritated at the machine. Launchbar achieves that for me, rather than raw time saved. I think the clip board history saves me real solid blocks of time and that was totally unintended. Ironic eh?

I just have a thing about the mouse too. In the olden days I ran a windows computer without a mouse at all fixed to it. It was a big break on other people in the region using it too. It was officially ‘shared’. I would often take more time using the keyboard than I would have done using a mouse. However I had another aim in mind, just keeping baby pic emailers off the machine and frankly I was quicker than anybody else on several tasks anyway, even though ‘slower’ re the mouse.