Keyboard recommendation


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good bluetooth keyboard. I want to get a monitor and connect my 13 MBP 2016 to it. I don’t want to take up an adapter and a port with the receiver for the Logitech Keyboard that seems to be the most popular. Any ideas?
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Some Logitech devices have a dongle but can also connect via bluetooth. My Anywhere 2S mouse is like that.

Personally I like the magic keyboard, it’s also really useful if I want to pair it with my work MacBook as I can just plug it in for a few seconds to switch devices - no messing around in System Preferences or pressing and holding buttons.

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Have been using my Logitech K811 daily for at least two years now, still works perfectly. Just toss it in the backpack, no cover. Charge is holding for a couple of weeks - maybe more. Will replace it with the same model, probably :slight_smile: It has three BT channels, to connect to multiple devices. I use one for the iPad, one for the iMac and one for my ThinkPad. I also like that it has a little bit of key travel.


Thank you–will most likely go with this then…I think it is better to stay "close to home’, whether in apps or hardware. Apple accessories work the best on apple products. Plus…I love anything with the word “magic” in the title…

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Another vote for the Logitech K811 - with multiple bluetooth radios (no dongle) I can have it connected to my iMac and with the touch of a button have it connected to my iPad and easily with back and forth. I have used mine for over 2 years and it works flawlessly! Never a problem.

Yet another vote for the Logitech K811. I just switched from the K750 which does have solar charging but was too big. I really don’t use the number keypad anymore and it also doesn’t have backlighting like the K811.

The K811 also feels more “springy” to me which I like. Be aware you do lose the iTunes next/previous controls, you only get Play/Pause. Does anyone know how to remap those controls to other function keys on this keyboard? Last time I searched it looked like it wasn’t an option.

I have to agree with Rosemary. I moved from the Logitech K750 to the Magic Keyboard and absolutely love it! I switched mainly because my home office doesn’t get enough sunlight to keep the K750 continuously charged, but the ability to connect via Bluetooth vs requiring the Logitech adapter is a major improvement. The key travel is also much less on the magic keyboard, which I have come to appreciate. I’m actually becoming so accustomed to the Magic Keyboard at home that I’m considering switching to it at work as well.

I use the Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Wireless. Un-cramped and portable. When you are going to get a keyboard for a portable, you should do it right!