Keymoji replacement?

I used the app Keymoji for years, but I just reinstalled my iPhone and I can’t download the app anymore because it’s obsolete, I presume.

Does anyone know of another good app like Keymoji which lets you replace text with emojis?

In Keymoji I could type a word and have corresponding emojis and emoji-sequences pop up that I would otherwise have to dig through the emoji Lange on iOS or iPadOS.

It’s true that a similar feature exists on MacOS but I don’t own a Mac anymore.

After iOS gained predictive emoji choices (in 2017, I think) I uninstalled Keymoji.

Gboard is a good option. It’s one of the reasons I keep using it and it’s better at suggesting text I have used previously.

I’d just like something similar that allows an always on “pallete” of emoji. Something that spans the length of the iPad keyboard. Reason is I often drop emoji in research to visually mark (arrows etc) certain areas/get to them quick.

I realise it’s on the English keyboard. Not the danish one. However it’s not quite as inventive as the Keymoji so :blush: