Keynote Collaboration

I know collaboration is not Keynote’s strong suit, but I need to try. My colleague and I will be doing online trainings together over Zoom. We live in different parts of the country. I will be designing the Keynote and the one primarily responsible for running the presentation, but I want her to have a copy and the ability to present if I am not there or if I have a technical problem.

I would like her to have basic editing ability (reorder/delete slides for example), but the burden will fall primarily to me. I currently use iCloud to sync my presentations to my devices, but she also has a MacBook with Keynote. I know we can’t share our iCloud Drives, but what is my best option for sharing the presentation with her?

On my Mac, I don’t even see a share sheet. On the iPad, I could share via AirDrop (if she were with me physically), email it (not an option because of the size), and all the typical share options. There is also and “add people” option. That looks promising. Has anyone tried it? I’m curious what that option is not showing up on the Mac version of Keynote.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts/advice!

You can’t share folders in iCloud, only individual files. I think what you want to do would be very difficult with iCloud. Even if you were to share each Keynote individually, I don’t think the work your colleague does would be synced back. All they can do is download. But even if sync were possible, iCloud is still a pretty unsatisfying solution.

I would create a folder in either Dropbox or Google Drive and share the folder. They the files would be synced between both of you. Just be careful that wou don’t both edit a presentation at the same time.

This is easily done.

But it may be better to start with the Collaboration Overview linked from that page.

If you’re running the latest version of Keynote on the Mac (and most likely earlier versions - haven’t looked back at release notes) you’ll have a Share > Collaborate with Others… menu item. It’s also in the default toolbar.


Ah, for some reason I had in my head that Doty wanted to share a whole folder of presentations, but Doty said no such thing. I might have conflated Doty’s needs with another user I’ve been helping recently.

If you need only share a single presentation, @dfay’s solution works perfectly.

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Thank you @dfay and @Quahog. I was able to get this to work. I have a new question. I am running Sierra and my colleague is running High Sierra. I can’t update my Keynote unless I update my OS. Should we stay on the same version of Keynote? How particular is Keynote about different versions whilst collaborating?

Never tried - but I updated from Sierra to HS in September without any issues & would recommend that if it’s an option.