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Hello everyone!

I’m working on a Keynote presentation for work–it will be the slides for a 2 day meeting for about 200 people. Most of the slides are just headings for the title and presenter of each report. But there is one section where we are doing a necrology–the names of members who have died in the last year will need to scroll across the screen at a steady pace while someone reads the names aloud.

I was thinking I’d just make a slide for each name and set them to change every 4 seconds. But, the other slides will be of variable length, so I can’t set each slide to change every 4 seconds because some reports will go on for half an hour or more.

The other wrinkle is that I will not be the person running the slides, and there’s a good chance it won’t be run on a Mac, so I’ll need to convert the presentation to Power Point–which I don’t have on my computer.

Should I make this into a video instead? Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to do that?

Thank you!

Could there be two presentations? With the necrology having the 4 second change and the other without?

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In PowerPoint can you apply the timer to specific slides.

I don’t know anything at all about Keynote, but I’d have thought it’d have a similar setup?

I think this is the answer

Create a PDF of the presentation in addition to PowerPoint.

An mp4 video would do best, especially if (as suggested), you present the necrology separately from the main slides. Search for making a video using QuickTime. Online resources also provide tools to “convert slides to video”.


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I agree. Video would be best, PDF would be second best. I would not want to handover a ppt converted from a keynote without testing. In my experience, manual adjustments are very often required.

I’m with @ChrisEdwards ,
why not only apply the timed transition to only the slides that need an automatic transition?