Keynote Presentation — skipping multiple slides at once

I’m one of the oddballs that really liked the touch bar on my laptop. But alas it’s time to upgrade my Mac and I need to let the Touch Bar go. One of my favorite uses for the touch bar was in Keynote presentations I could skip forward or backward multiple slides at once by using the Touch Bar. I can do this by typing in the slide number, but that makes the navigator bar show up briefly in and my audience knows I’m skipping around. (This is in Zoom when I’m playing “in window”). Sometimes that doesn’t matter, other times it is an unwanted distraction.

Is there another way that I’m unaware of to skip multiple slides without the navigator bar popping up?

This is just an off-the-cuff thought, that I have not tried. But have you considered using the Keynote app on the iPhone to do that kind of switching so you’re not doing it on the computer? I don’t know if that would make any difference, but as I said, it’s just a thought that occurred to me after reading your post.

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Yeah Keynote’s remote feature is probably the winner here.

Otherwise I imagine you can use scripting tied to e.g., keyboard hotkeys or a stream deck, but that would be complicated and fragile.

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Keynote’s remote feature is pretty great, but there are a couple of issues. When videos are playing and I have a “break” in presenting, I often use that time to quickly scroll through the rest of the presentation and decide what I will jump to next and/or skip. This is often based on time or questions that the audience has raised.

To get around this limitation, I’ve thought about utilizing both of my iPads. I have an iPad Pro that I always bring as a backup in case there is an issue with the laptop, but I could use it with the remote feature. I also have an iPad mini that I use when standing for the presentation notes.

Also, I walk around a lot while presenting, so I don’t want to be tied to one location. Hopefully I could use my Bluetooth clicker and the iPad Keynote Remote feature at the same time. I haven’t tested this, however.

I used Keynote remote a long time ago and stopped using it for the reasons I listed above. Since then, I’ve bought the mini and I thought that might be able to make a go of it. But now I can’t get the iPad Pro to connect. It was listed in the Remotes, but not connecting.

Does Keynote Remote require wifi? That’s fine at home, but often on the road it is not available.

Are there any other options I’ve not considered?

I’m AFK now but, I think you can bring up the slide picker in presenter view and simply select the slide. I do this all the time while teaching and my students are never show anything but, the slide changing to the one chosen. I am using presenter mode here and have not tried it out of this mode. There is a keyboard shortcut and and icon on presenter view that bring up the slide picker. The button may be called “show slide navigator.”

Thanks. I think you are right. I don’t generally use presenter view, but rather “play slideshow in window” so I can have Zoom chat and other notes also visible on the screen.

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Update. I researched this and you can use Bluetooth, but it said there might be a lag. Sounds like it won’t work on location in remote areas without wifi very well. Bummer.

Hi everyone following this thread. :grinning: I discovered something today that is so simple I can’t believe I never found it before. When presenting in full screen mode I can simply type the number of the slide I want to jump to! For example, if I’m on slide 62, but someone wants me to jump back to slide #8, I just hit 8 on my keyboard. The slidepicker navigation bar slides over momentarily, but at least I’m not advancing once slide at a time! Since I use the iPad for notes, I can see the slide numbers on that screen. It’s not as elegant as the touchbar, but it works just the same.