Keys on New MacBook Air Going Wonky

I have a brand new MacBook Air which I got in July.

With no warning whatsoever, some of the keys have started going wonky. For example, the apostrophe is a kind of bracket as is the quotes key.

°!”#$%&/()=?¡ is the top row. Colon is Ñ, semi colon is ñ.

; is the greater than sign. : is the less than sign.

You get the idea. The letters are working just fine.

If someone can help me out, I would be most appreciative BIG time!

I didn’t drop the laptop and I didn’t spill anything on it.

The letter keys are working just fine.

Maybe your keyboard layout got changed somehow? Check System Preferences → Keyboard → Input Sources.


It definitely sounds like you changed the keyboard to an international layout, maybe unintentionally!

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I tried that. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I speak Spanish so I have two keyboards or at least I want to.

If you want to have both keyboard layouts available, see “Switch between input sources” in the support document that @Rob_Polding posted for how to do that:

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I added another Spanish, from Spain.

I tried using each language, but not the emoji.

I deleted the two Spanish keyboards and left only the American one. The problem is now fixed!!! Thanks ever so much for putting on the right track!!!

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Thanks EVER so much!!! You put me on the right track! I deleted the two Spanish keyboards and now I just have the American one. It is ALL FIXED!!!

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