Kids HomePod Music Showing Up on My Phone

When I tell the HomePod mini in my kids room to play music it plays the music but also shows up on the music app on my phone. When I try to play something else it changes what’s playing on my kids HomePod. I have personal requests turned off and “update listening history” turned off. The HomePod it connected to my kids account and I have the Apple One Premier subscription. Any ideas on what the problem is?

If I understand correctly, you aren’t changing what you’re controlling with the music app before putting on something for yourself. Tap the Airplay logo at the bottom of the Music app, then Control other Speakers and TVs and select your phone/airpods. Then pick something to play.

Their HomePod use will still pollute your music history unless you set the Homepods to not affect the listening history in the settings in the Home app, or if your kid is set up as their own HomePod voice/user with the family capability.

Again, assuming I understood!

I just found this setting the other day. It’s been a game changer. Haha.

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