Kindle Wi-Fi. . problems

My husband and I are in Sydney (AUS) right now where he is quarantining after a COVID diagnosis. We’re staying in a Marriott and I cannot log into the wifi via the ‘experimental browser’. . I have tried to connect to my phone hotspot and that doesn’t work either. I do have my iPad and the new books I have purchased are there, but I really dislike reading on the iPad (landscape mode has too wide of lines).
Any ideas?

do you get any error message on the kindle? I guess the issue is that most hotel wifi tends to use captive portal that requires you to confirm your room number, last name etc before granting data access but your Kindle may not be able to display that page when wifi is connected. See whether you can have the ‘experimental browser’ active when you connected the wifi, but I must admit I have not done this myself as I always bring a personal travel router with me for security and the reason you just highlighted

I presume that you do not have a portable/travel router that can be used. You may have to seek hotel from the hotel but their IT support is most likely outsourced these days.

Not sure I am can be more helpful in this regards

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If you can’t connect the kindle, maybe you can set the margins to the narrowest on the kindle iPad app or use split view on the iPad?

I can do that with Books but can’t find the setting for the Kindle app (where my library is). It seems that I should be able to link the iPad or iPhone to the Kindle paperwhite via Bluetooth but I haven’t found that secret handshake either. Nothing but time here, . . .

Found the setting! Thanks google and oldblueday. A router sounds like a good idea but I had to bring so much ‘stuff’ with me (presenting and then vacationing—at least the latter was in theory) that I didn’t do that.

This makes a bit crazy—but there are worse things to worry about.

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