Lack of a "Save As" option in Pages

This Fall I have decided to make a committed effort to use Pages rather than MS Word to prepare my course materials. While I cannot abandon Word totally, there are so many things about Word I do not like. Even so, I have encountered a problem that I find to be a bit of a pain. Every time I want to a previously created Pages file as a template for a new file the only way I have found to do this is by duplicating the file prior to making any edits. Am I missing something? Why would there not be an option to just save it as a new file after I make the edits?

Trying clicking on the File menu and pressing the ⌥ (option) key to change Duplicate to “Save As…”

Also keyboard shortcut ⌥⇧⌘S

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Yep! That works. Thanks. Guess I should have known that somehow.

Duplicate is really the same thing, for all intents and purposes, although you may have to slightly alter how you do things. Once you get used to it, you will wonder why it ever bothered you at all.

Don’t forget File > Save as Template for page setups that you might want to use often. A great time-saver.

This was a new paradigm introduced with Lion. Basically skeuomorphic, using Duplicate is how you would have to do things with real paper and pencil. I took to it quite easily and now don’t like apps that don’t have Duplicate but instead have Save As! It’s all part of the document-centric instead of application-centric approach that also means work is continuously saved and editing resumes where you left off.

I’ve got an explanation of the features introduced with Lion on my website, OS X Lion Thoughts. The only feature discussed that Apple abandoned was the automatic document locking. It points out several ways to make duplicate files in collaboration with Finder:

  • Do a save version ⌘S in the application and then drag-and-drop a copy using the finder – the document in the finder is always the most recently saved version.
  • Drag the icon representing the file in the title bar of the application to a destination in Finder. This makes a copy as well.
  • Finder also has a Duplicate command (⌘D). You can use it without running another application.

Also there is a system-wide templating feature for templates. Find the file you want to use as a template and under Get Info check the Stationery pad box. Then when you double click on the file it will open the associated application with a copy of the file.


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Just chiming in to say that you can also get “Save As” back by re-assigning the keyboard shortcut.

Instructions can be found here