(LACK OF) Apple Watch Notifcations are Killing ME!

I keep my phone muted. I keep my watch muted. I keep my macOS systems notifications on “Do not Disturb.”

I have my Apple Watch set to custom notifications for Messages—to “Allow Notifications” with sound and haptic turned on. Yet, they never come through. It’s not like I’m “missing” the haptic touch—when I check my watch there are no notifications.

There doesn’t seem to be anything consistent. I tested things like if I have messages open on my computer, vs not open. Doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve tried unpairing and repairing, etc. Nothing.

It’s driving me (and my wife, more) nuts.

Thoughts on what I’m missing?

Do you use theater mode? If I set that feature on my iPhone and later turn it off, sometimes the Watch doesn’t unset it automatically.

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I use it at bedtime on my watch and turn it off in the morning. Didn’t know there was a setting on the iPhone

Oh you’re right. I guess I was thinking of airline mode. Sorry