Last.FM Impressions?

Does anyone have any experience with this and Apple Music? I love the idea of having more stats on my music listening. Is it worth it? Does it work well with Apple products?

When I’ve used it in the past, you needed a third party application on iOS devices to listen to music through (wasn’t an Apple Music streamer at the time, so not sure how well it worked with music not in the library) and then on macOS, I used Swinsian to listen to my music which had it built in.

It’s got built in support to the Spotify clients on all platforms. :man_shrugging:

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I’ve been using for years. Just took a look and I have scrobbles going back to at least 2006.
It’s not as popular as it used to be, but I like the stats and recommendations I get from it.

As Apple Music doesn’t have native support for it, I scrobble via neptunes.


How do you do it on iOS? Most of the scribbling apps are poorly rated.

This is the time of the year where everyone is showing their Spotify stats and I am jealous. The only thing keeping me on Apple Music at this point is my HomePods.

I use and the switch to Apple Music caused a slight downturn in my scrobbles for awhile.

While on the Mac I have Neptunes installed and it automatically scrobbles whatever you listen to in your music player.

For iOS it’s a little more difficult. does have an official app to scrobble but it has some drawbacks. Mainly you have to open it and request it scan your library for new plays and it will bring up a list of new plays since it’s last scan. If you play something not already saved to your library it will not be picked up.

There are two 3rd party Apple Music players that I know do real time scrobbling. Albums and Marvis Pro both have the ability though they are paid apps and may even be behind IAP/subscription, though I don’t think it’s that expensive.

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So you are saying if I listen to a playlist or “station” based on an artist on my iPhone where I haven’t specifically added all the songs to my library, they won’t count?

Yes for the official app for iOS.

I’m not exactly sure how Marvis Pro works because I’ve never used it but my understanding is it’s scrobbling whatever is playing at the time.

Albums is a very opinionated app in that it’s focus is on its namesake and I don’t even see any of my own playlists surfaced in the app, let alone the AM ones but will scrobble whatever you play.

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