Latest apple update bricks 2011 MacBook Pro

Yesterday my 2011 MacBook Pro automatically installed the latest El Capitan update. After the install it tried to reboot and it just freezes with no display. I ran the Apple suggested “if your Mac won’t boot” steps and they didn’t help. I think I need a trip to the Genius Bar.

Oh my! Wish I could help. Best of luck to a positive outcome

Coincidentally, yesterday my 2011 MacBook Pro, which runs High Sierra, attempted to download and install Mojave without my OK. This model doesn’t run Mojave. The install failed and a dour message appeared on the screen, however it rebooted just fine (back to High Sierra).

My 2011 MBP just died last month and as near as I can tell it is due to the known graphics card flaw. The symptoms are very much like what you are describing, although you don’t mention if the fans on yours also run when it tries to boot (mine do). I’ll be interested to hear if the Genius Bar is willing to assist, as Apple considers older Macs obsolete after 5 years.

Apple views systems that are more than 5 years old Vintage. This means parts for repairs are limited or not available any longer. Systems older than 7 years are considered Obsolete as all parts are no longer in stock.

If you have owned this 2011 MBP since new, you have earned more than your ROI (return on investment) back. Congrats on your success!

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I used to hold onto hardware for extended periods, but realized it was better for me to get AppleCare/+ and replace my Macs every three years; not only does a 3-year-old machine yield a decent resale value (which can be applied to new hardware), but it keeps me up to date on hardware tech and ports, keeps me in speedy systems, and perhaps most importantly it means I’m always covered under warranty. I only buy desktop Macs, but I’d think that for Macbooks, given both semiconductor advancements and inevitable battery aging issues, the case for replacement might be even stronger.

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Ykes. I also have a 2011 MacBook Pro. I have only had one software freeze but Safe Mode boot helped. I may follow David and get a Mac mini and a new iPad Pro for traveling.

I thought I would close the loop on this. I went to the apple store and the tech ran a multitude of tests. The conclusion was a logic board failure. He said the update probably didn’t have anything to do with it. I still wonder if the update could have included new firmware and might be related to the failure.