Latest Overcast Update (May 2020) and Apple Watch

Hi Everyone,
I have lots of questions about the latest update (Overcast 2020.4 - 837) and the improved relationship to the Apple Watch. This article in 9to5 Mac reports needing to reinstall all our podcasts: Does Anthony have experience with updating and then using it on the watch? If I’m reading it right, I have to reinstall all my podcasts, but before I do so, I want to be sure that it’s worth it. So far it hasn’t been easy to pair with my watch series 4 - when I hit play on the watch it, plays the episode through my iPhone even though my speakers are connected to the watch. Sigh.

I looked around but couldn’t find a clear user guide for Overcast - advice welcome! Thanks!

I have the update. (I didn’t actually realize I did until you posted this.) If it redownloaded podcasts, it was only to the watch and not intrusive. I suppose the warning is there so you don’t run the update and immediately try to go out without your phone.

I’m on the Overcast beta so I’ve been running this build for a while now and it’s AMAZING. When it re-downloaded to my watch, it did so overnight so I never noticed. Now I reliably have all the podcasts I want on my watch — no guessing/wondering if the everything downloaded properly anymore!


I’ve been curious about the sync to watch on\off switches. Are those still necessary with the new “stream to watch” feature? Do only those turned on appear on the watch? And how does that work with playlists on/off and the episode limit?

No worries if you don’t know, or don’t want to answer–I know you’re you’re Overcast tech support, just curious if you do.